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Classroom observation under school monitoring through CRC

Classroom observation under school monitoring through CRC

Classrooms are observed under school monitoring through CRC for the purpose of monitoring which video call will be made through command and control center through Microsoft teams. Under which all the CRCCOs in your taluka will have to ensure that the IDs of the Microsoft teams allotted from the state level remain online in the mobile / tablet.

Number of CRC, BRC and Districts: There are 125 CRC, 46 BRC and 11 districts in the.State. It is noted that all the CRCs, BRCs and districts are providing information CMFs, BMFs and DMFs.Number of schools: There are in total 2750 schools in the State. All schools are providinginformation required in the SMFs.

Pupil Teacher Ratio: The State has not provided any information regarding the.number of government schools in the State having pupil teacher ratio above 1:30 in.primary and 1:35 in upper primary schools. Also, no information has been provided about.teachers in the State who have failed to join place of posting in the last quarter andteachers who are attached elsewhere than place of posting. This may kindly be provided.

Section B: Attendance Information Number of schools with average daily attendance: The number of schools given underThe different columns of attendance information is greater than the total number ofschools in the State, as reported in Part I, Section A item no. 2b, i.e. 2750. The Statemay kindly verify and provide some clarification.

Children with Special Needs: There are about 10002 CWSN in the State i.e.
approximately 3 students per school. It is appreciated that efforts have been taken for.making classrooms inclusive through assigning trained resource teachers / I.E volunteer.for CWSN and making ramps and hand grills in schools, etc.Out of School Children: The State has reported that there are no out of school children and no centers where these children are getting special training.

Section C: Curriculum Transaction.Distribution of textbooks: It is appreciable that all the schools in the State are distributing.textbooks within one week of beginning of session. This reflects the commitment of SPO.for providing better teaching-learning process.Strategies adopted for improving teaching learning process: Various strategies have been.adopted by teachers for improving teaching learning process like using relevant TLM,play way method, involving students in the classroom activity, Outdoor learning through.observation and giving special attention to CWSN by allotting front seat. The efforts of.the teachers are noted. The teachers may also use teaching kits in this regard developed by NCERT.

Section D: Continuous and Comprehensive AssessmentCRCCs monitoring progress of pupils ’learning: CRCCs are monitoring progress ofpupil’s learning by conducting meeting with teachers, classroom observation and,assisting the students in curricular and co-curricular activities, encouraging slow learnersare encouraged by the system of re-teach and re-test, etc. It may be assured that all the,CRCCs are visiting all schools in the state, regularly once in a month.

Section E: Teacher Training Suggestions for upcoming training programs: Some suggestions have been given in the STMF for upcoming training programs like more training on TLM, at BRC for newly appointed teachers, topic specific training and training on RTE. The State may keep these in mind while organizing new training programs.

Section F: Functioning of SMC.Schools having SMCs: It is appreciable that 100 percent schools in the state have.constituted SMCs.School Development Plans: It is appreciable that 100 percent of the Schools have been.SMCs involved in the preparation of school development plans. The strict action taken bythe State in this regard is appreciated. Schools and CRCCs should make efforts to get involved SMCs in functioning of schools.

Section G: Learners ’Assessment.The State has reported that the academic session starts from 1st week of February.Therefore, students' assessment has not been included. The State may report the.assessment details III Quarter if it is not available for IV quarter.

School Visits by CRCCs: It is observed from the STMF that CRCCs are visiting schools.once in a month. However, in the column the number of CRCCs visiting schools once in.a month has to be mentioned instead of tick mark. The State may kindly mention the.number. Many constructive suggestions have been provided by the CRCCs during schools, which should be utilized by teachers.Pupils ’progress and coverage of syllabus: It is noted that all the schools are maintaining.The record of pupil’s progress and no school in the state is having less than 60 percent coverage of syllabus.

BRCs preparing schedule for visit of schools: It is noted that all the 46 BRCs have
prepared schedule for visiting schools and they are visiting schools frequently. BRCs are.providing support to teachers in making proper lesson plan, implementation of CCE,effective classroom management, development of TLM and its effective use.In-service teacher training programs: It has been observed that no in-service teacherThe training program has been organized in primary and upper primary levels. The Statemay organize programs as per their need and funds available.

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