Saturday, July 18, 2020

Lady Singham Sunita from Surat announced her last wish on Facebook

Lady Singham Sunita from Surat announced her last wish on Facebook

Surat city police woman Lokrakshak Sunita Yadav, who came under discussion after a dispute with Minister Kumar Kanani's son, has once again made a controversial statement.  I am a wounded lion, think how much I can do.  I had my wedding in Diwali, but put everything aside and fell into a headache.  Sunita is saying that it was her fault in the scuffle with Kumar Kanani and her son, there she also claimed that she does not want to live anymore.

The police department is with me. I was like that, but some are not with me. I don't know why this is happening.  I made a mistake doing my duty that day.  And I am getting the punishment for it, my health is a bit bad, my family feeds me sleeping pills without my knowledge, because I have not slept for four days, I do not know what mistake I am being punished for, I go out of the house  Can't, because when I went out yesterday, my videos went viral, I went to get vegetables, videos were made there,

 I'm being given the message that everyone is watching me, my family is also under pressure, to come live.  The only reason I had to rely on the police department, it would give me security, or it would be there whenever I needed, I called the control room three to four times today, but didn't get the help I needed, since morning  I don't even have my phone, I got the phone because of a friend of mine, my family is worried about me because they don't want to lose me,

I don't want to back down, I had to go to the headquarters this morning to write my reply but the family did not send me for fear of not coming back, the security given to me was not right, I request everyone to send this message to the President and the Prime Minister.  Delivered, I need your help, I urge the city police commissioner, DGP all that I need them, help me, I want to live, I am not afraid to die, I can die right now, but I want to live  Because I have to do everything in my life, I want to take India to the world, just like Narendra Modi has made Gujarat a different identity in India, I also want to play India's mane in the world, I am not afraid of headbutting with the health minister's son.  Could have stopped the son too.  I still have power, I am not scared, I am under a lot of pressure, those people can do anything, outsiders do not have access to my society, but those people are contacting the people of the society and extracting my information.  Where am i going etc etc,

 Singham and Gangajal movie is really great, I got the inspiration to do it from Gangajal movie, I came into action because of that movie, I am in the same role that Priyanka Chopra played in that movie now, it was real life and this  There is real life, he was an IPS officer and I am an LR officer, I have the same daring as he did now, I am ready to fight every difficulty but I need your support,

I have no complaint against Kumar Kanani, he is right in his place, I have no enmity with anyone, I was just doing my duty, I have nothing to do against anyone, I have no enmity with BJP or anyone else because  That he is right in his place, there is nothing wrong with the whole incident of the health minister, because if his son does that, it is not his fault, I have no problem with his son either, the problem is only with what he has said, but naturally  They were angry, I was also very angry then, but one thing is that instead of punishing them for the mistake made by the friends of the minister's son, I am getting them, they are free and I have been under house arrest for two days, not getting out.

 My blood is hot, I am Yaduvanshi, Maldhari, it is said that we are stubborn, but what we do is our blood, even that day the khaki shame of a daughter of Krishna's clan was being robbed, which I could not save, but  I apologize for what happened that day, I don't have the police department with me right now, everyone supported me before, but some people disappointed me, I called the control room to give me security I have to go to the headquarters to answer,  But I didn't get security, I approached CP, DGP, NCC head, Army chief to help me, I want to serve the country, I want to become an IPS officer, I want to do everything, I have not ruined my life by committing suicide.  Wanting to do, I often have suicidal thoughts, my family is also moving away from me now due to too much pressure,

 When all the police, MML, SMC will be removed from their vehicle, I will also remove the police writing from my bike.  There are very few people with me right now, people are leaving me, I have Teddybear with me now, Sushant Singh was killed,

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 The Nirbhaya scandal was about to happen to me that day, I am living because of a friend of the police.  I want to live, I follow Narendra Modi, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, I especially like Kangana very much, what do I want to do in life, I have no problem with anyone, right now Kumar Kanani is having a bad time  It's a good thing their supporters are supporting you, everyone makes mistakes, I must have made a mistake that day too, maybe I spoke too much, people should have let go, I wasn't so angry to do, but what?  My crime is that I do not lean against khadi, I free everyone from bondage, right now I am alone.  I want to live in peace now, I want to meet Priyanka and Kangana, and most of all I want to meet PM Narendra Modi.

 I don't know if I will live or die tomorrow, there is a lot of pressure on me and my family, but I want to do my job, don't get into my personal life.  It is important to respect women.  My last wish is that if I don't live, wrap my body in army clothes and wrap it in a triangle. Also, when I am alive, PM Modi did not come to meet me, but if I die, you must come to my body.


 Turn off the lights in the house

 While Sunita Yadav was doing Facebook Live from her home, the power supply was suddenly cut off. Sunita alleged that the power supply was cut off either by the people in her apartment or by her family members.

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